What your home SHOULD NOT like on CLOSING DAY!

We always tell our sellers to leave the house tidy and clean for the buyers. You ALWAYS want your buyers to feel as if they purchased a NEW home… You may be asking yourself, “what does this mean exactly?”.

  1. completely cleaning out the house of all your personal belongings but leaving all fixtures. What are fixtures? Anything that is permanently connected to the house. 
  2. Are pictures, mirrors, paintings considered fixtures? NO they are not, you should take these personal items with you. However, repair and paint all walls after removing these items. Please don’t leave your buyers with large holes and paint repair.
  3. Some sellers don’t want some of their personal property like a large screen TV for example. You CAN’T leave the TV behind without asking your buyers if this is OK with them.
  4. Lastly, if in doubt ask your trusty real estate agent! Weiss Choice Realty is always happy to answer any and all of your questions 😉 

Lets avoid having a final buyer walk through with surprises like these :

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