Expired to Sold

Expired to Sold

It was a pleasure to work with Leonna and her team from start to finish. I called Leonna after my home did not sell with another agent (we tried for a year). I decided I was going to take my time and interview a lot of agent and big named agents as well. At this point I felt defeated and discouraged. When I met Leonna, I was intrigued by her tenacity. She was open and honest yet had a gentle delivery as she asked questions about why this move was necessary for me. She came up with a plan that would help me achieve my goals right then and didn’t make me feel like I was a transaction for her next sales quota.

Leonna came in with fresh eyes and gave me honest advice I had never been given before. She took me to other homes in my neighborhood after our appointment and asked me to “be the buyer”. She wanted me to see what it felt like to be a buyer looking at homes through that lens instead of being a seller seeing everything wonderful with my house. I have to say that was a real eye opener. I was able to see how people set the stage in preparation for the market and how some did not. I could tell when the sellers were listening to advice or when they weren’t given advice that would help them. Leonna spent a lot of time analyzing the market for a competitive price. It wasn’t the price I wanted to get nor the price I wanted to hear yet I knew based on the data that the numbers were the numbers and I was perhaps mislead the first time. Leonna was able to get my home under contract within the first 30 days when my previous agent couldn’t after a year. We had an unfortunate turn of events and the buyer backed out and Leonna called me with a strategy and plan in place to get us back up. Before we were on the market 24 hours for the second time, she had an offer ready to present to me. I couldn’t believe it. Leonna was on her game with each and every agent that came into my home and continued to follow up with me weekly. I knew she would call me every week as she promised. Another unfortunate turn of events happened and our second buyer backed out on the last day because they decided they didn’t like my neighborhood. Before Leonna called me to tell me, she began reaching out to her network to create a back up plan. To say I was beyond disappointed and defeated again is an understatement. I was not mad at Leonna or her team. I knew they were putting in the work they promised and once again Leonna had another offer for me within a short amount of time. This time, we made it to the closing table and I was able to move forward in my next chapter of life. Leonna’s services didn’t end at the closing table either. In fact her service continued 3 months after the home was sold when I received an envelope with all the information I needed to deduct expenses for next year’s tax return related to the sale of my home. I can guarantee you that you will not find a better more dedicated real estate agent anywhere.

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