Warning! Long Post

Warning! Long Post Warning: long post ahead! We bought a house using Leonna, back in 2016. She was there 120% the entire way. She gave us knowledge about the process, every step, the whole way through, and made us feel comfortable about our first home purchase. Everything went smoothly. Well, 2.5 years later, we  moved out of state, so we had to sell our first home. The process was smooth at first, and through no fault of ours or Leonna, we hit a huge road block! The previous sellers had a lien on the house that was paid, but not recorded with the IRS. With the government shutdown taking over a month, we were forced to continue to pay mortgage, as well as rent for our new apartment in TX. Leonna and Sivanne stayed on top of the lawyer who messed the lien situation up, and made sure he followed through with the IRS as soon as they opened their doors again. We finally got the entire process done a month after our initial closing date. I can safely say, I do not want to buy or sell another house for awhile, but you can be dang sure I’m going to use Leonna if we ever move back to NC. If we could fly her out to TX and have her help us here, we would. She is attentive, she is genuine and we made a lifelong friendship. She will have your back through whatever happens and you will soon grow to love her as if you’d known her your entire life. She is the best at her job and she genuinely cares about her buyers/sellers. Use them for your realty needs, you won’t be disappointed. We love you Leonna and Sivanne! You ladies are amazing! ??

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